About us

Estrela do Oriente™ was founded in 1979, essentially as an importer and distributor of fine goods. As time passed, our company evolved and gained more and more experience regarding the commercialization of products such as nuts, cashews, dried fruit, codfish, sweets, comfit, seasonings among many others. All the commitment and hard work over these years made the brand into a role model of quality and credibility.

Always with a severe selection of suppliers, we can count on key business partners in several countries, specially in United States, Portugal, Norway, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam, Argentina and Chile; without mentioning our national goods, such as cashew nut, brazilian nut, soybeans and many others. In 2007, there was a major management restructuring which led the company towards innovation, new markets and business opportunities.
Which among with a within a diversified portfolio of national and imported products results in a solid company, ready for future challenges.

With our head office located in São Paulo and our 5.600m² industrial park located in Arujá, in the countryside, Estrela do Oriente™ is always investing in structure, equipment and qualified technical staff in order to overcome even the highest requirements of our clients.

The unstopping pursuit of excellence in our processes and in the selection of our suppliers are characteristics that make us aim to an expansion and diversifying business model. Plus, with an enterpreuner spirit the company, we stand strong in the dried fruit and nuts market.
Our goal isn’t simply making quality products. Estrela do Oriente is a combination of flavours, well-being and health. In other words, our customers are supposed to find solutions to a balanced diet and, above all, life quality.

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Estrela do Oriente

In case you need to know a little more about us, you can access our contact page. It will be our pleasure to share our history with you.

Estrela do Oriente™ is a registered trademark™.